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*pokes website* 

I didn't honestly know live journal was still running, or that people actually used it a lot lol.

Well... whatever I guess I'll poke around here once in a while.

Current Mood: depressed depressed

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I recently moved, as most of you know, to Huntsville, Alabama from Clarksville, Maryland.
Huntsville, Alabama is the worst place I've ever been in so far, besides that ghetto in New York City I drove through.
I want to come back to Maryland NOW!
People down here hit me for no apparent reason, they all keep telling me I'm gonna burn in hell cause I'm an "Athiest bastard" and what ever else.

This one kid punches me in the stomach in 4th period every day practically as of late.

Please you guys, hurry up and get me out of this place because I WILL at one point give up and kill myself, or rather just walk into one of the various death traps set up by those Christian bible-crazed people here for me.
T_T I don't like it here!

Current Mood: lonely lonely

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Hello... I'm kinda bored... and so I finally made a new live journal account, one that matches my screen name and ID on the rest of the net...
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